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Amber's ability - cleanse from everything that is unnatural

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Ancestral recipes power

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The connection with nature and the earth combines body and soul

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Giving Amber - Wishing Happiness

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AMBER FRIENDSHIP products enriched with the best qualities of amber acid. The highest-quality organic raw materials, in accordance with the recipes, naturally reacting with each other and becomes a special quality product.

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Natural and safe

Pure energy Baltic Amber

Hand made With LOVE

Products are made from natural ingredients: vegetable oils, coconut palm oil, corn sugar  and etc. According to unique formula we have selected only 100% biodegradable components wich will let you  enjoy the great washed fabrics, good health, cleanliness at home and green nature.

The Baltic amber has been in use since ancient times, its composition match living organism composition. Amber stone has many wonderful qualities for healing the physical and emotional body. It is one of the best natural crystals to use for protection from negativity.

Our products are made by hands, with pure energy Baltic amber collected by hands. All products are made with LOVE.